SPOTMYUV™ changes colour depending on the SPF your sunscreen is providing. Here's how.

How it works

Your exposure to UV today is different from your exposure tomorrow, so let SPOT™ help you remember that sunscreen needs to be reapplied. 

SPOTMYUV's™ patented skin mimicking technology™ shows you that UV is getting through your sunscreen and hitting your skin. When you're in the sun and exposed to UV rays, SPOT's™ purple dye is visible. When you're wearing (enough) sunscreen, UV rays are blocked and SPOTMYUV™ is clear. The colour change is reversible - topping up SPF will revert SPOT from purple (exposed to UV) back to clear (covered with SPF)

For more information about how the colour change works, visit our FAQs.

What are spots™ made of?

SPOT™ is made up of four layers: 

1. Our patented skin mimicking layer absorbs and releases sunscreen like your skin, giving you a personalized reminder of how your SPF is responding to the activities you do outside. 

2. Non-toxic dye is clear when sunscreen is applied and purple in UV light when sunscreen wears off. 

3. Our image layer where we can print various graphics for use with brands or children.

4. Hypoallergenic and waterproof adhesive lasts all day. Our stickers have been tested by collegiate athletes in and outside the water to make sure they last all day without leaving a rash.

Directions for application

Follow these easy steps to make sure you're getting the most out of your SPOT™.

With clean hands, use triangular tab to lift SPOT™ from sheet.​

If SPOT™ doesn't peel off with applicator, it's ok! Simply peel SPOT™ from the sheet by itself.

With SPOT™ facing down on skin, stick SPOT™ to arm.

Avoid excessive hair, oily or sweaty skin, skin with lotion, and edges of clothing.

When SPOT™ is firmly stuck pull tab away and discard.

Cover SPOT™ with sunscreen, but don't rub in yet. Wait 30 seconds, then gently rub in.​

Avoid touching once dry.

Expose SPOT™ to direct sunlight. Use exposure scale to check colour.

SPOT™ will not change colour indoors or in shade.


SPOT™ starts purple and turns clear when you're protected. SPOT™ will change colours multiple times throughout the day to indicate your protection. You only need to use one per day, but make sure to replace after each day's use.


Once SPOT™ is clear, apply an even coat of sunscreen on all exposed skin


If SPOT™ is not fully clear, use more sunscreen and be sure you're in direct sunlight.


Repeat steps 4 and 5. SPOT™ is resuable for one day and will change colour again.

As your sunscreen wears off, SPOT™ changes colour to remind you to reapply.

You may learn that you should be using more sunscreen than you usually do!

To find out more check out our FAQs