SPOTMYUV is here for your SUMMER

Don't let sunburn ruin your day

Our patented skin mimicking technology shows you how much sunscreen you need and when to reapply. Watch how!


Clear when you're protected, purple when you're not. The easiest way to make sure you're protected all day long.

See SPOTMYUV™ in Action

Watch the colour change from purple to clear once sunscreen is applied while in direct sunlight.

One SPOTMYUV™ lasts all day through multiple colour changes and SPF applications!


The SPOTs™ were great! They stuck really well and were very discreet. The packaging looked fantastic and had really simple instructions. Found they worked really well with little kids as well, as they were so fascinated by the 'magic,' they kept checking to see if their SPOT™ went purple. Helped make sun safety fun and raised their awareness.

Scott, Queensland

I have recommended it to friends and family. We used it on our almost 4-year-old, and I felt safe in knowing that the SPOT™ would remind me to reapply so I wouldn’t lose track of time. Great product.

Charlotte, Mother of One

The stickers were most helpful, as I did not get sunburnt at all. Great idea. Loved it. I actually kept an eye on the sticker, and as soon as it turned purple, I reapplied sunscreen. I enjoyed the day without the lobster effect afterwards. Thank you.

Brisbane Cricket Fan


Clear when you're protected. Purple when you're not. Easiest way to always know your UV exposure. Watch this video to see how SPOTMYUV™ helps you see the invisible protection of your sunscreen.


90% of aging is caused by the sun, so make SPF a part of your daily routine. Always know you're being protected with SPOTMYUV™